(Article contains mild spoliers)

The cancellation of Sony Crackle’s StartUp represents a disruptive opportunity for a more forward thinking network or streaming service.

We must always try to visualize a new idea because that which we can visualize is that which we can achieve.” This was part of the mission statement Harry Warner crafted when he and his family founded Warner Bros. Studios. And while I have no illusions about Hollywood’s ability to cure societal woes, its power to normalize a concept through representation cannot be underestimated.

That’s why I was upset to hear that StartUp, the Sony Crackle drama was canceled. “What’s StartUp?” you might ask. StartUp is the most underrated drama in recent television history. It’s an intelligently gripping and complicated…

StartUp’s relaunch on Netflix gives fans hope that the streaming service will produce more seasons.

What does a banker from Brickell, a hacker from Hialeah and a thug from Little Haiti have in common? Aside from representing various subcultures in disparate Miami neighborhoods, they all feature in one of the most underrated television shows currently streaming today. StartUp, a sizzling drama that’s part tech procedural, part crime thriller, and part gangster film recently relaunched its three riveting seasons on Netflix. Originally produced in 2016 for Sony’s in-house streaming service, StartUp has been the best prestige drama you’ve never seen. Until now.

Set in the immigrant fringes surrounding Miami’s glitterati, StartUp features a depiction of life…

Deena Denaro

A media producer with a design degree, I combine screenwriting for serial television with art & design history as a central narrative force.

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